the tale of a rug-hooking journey.....

Tis a favorite past time full of starts and stops, but regardless the length of time in between, I always return to hooking. The following is just a snippet of that journey, of patterns, of tips, a favorite hooker or two and designs along the way. This is truly a journal for my perusing, but should you stumble onto me.....Welcome to the diary of a "hooker"! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014


 How does it happen?  Time marches forward to a cadence so fast that you've blinked and two years of no winks-of-wool have appeared.  Fortunately, the hook was still active when obviously the blogging was not!  I shall POST!  I shall gather the projects and display!  A journaling we will go.....

I'll start with my current project:  a vintage darling that I adapted from a couple of vintage Halloween cards.  Admittedly, I am totally smitten with her expression!  The subject, however raises that time factor AGAIN!  Why is it I'm hooking Halloween in spring, Christmas in the summer and summer themes in winter?  I'd love to have a clever explanation, but Nada!  Too explain the inexplicable.......

 Fortunately, Saturday took no explaining.  Saturday was just Spring incredible in Pandora (my backyard).  Add to it a hook, a frame, and pile of wool and you've piled on the perfection!  Pumpkin Darling (so I've named her) is extremely close to completion.  One of the things  I love to remember after I've completed a project are the moments of life that happened along that way.   It is about the process.   For me, rug hooking is a time to think, a time to be still.   This morning, as I listen to the baby birds in a nearby nest and the water music of the stream, I am enchanted.  These will be just those very moments of remembrance!  

Pumpkin Darling

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whimsy by the mushroom!!!!

I'm definitely having a love affair with mushrooms!  This piece by Primitive Spirit named (rightly so) :Tiny Places was anything but tiny when it came to fun to hook.  It was....dare I say.....a TON of fun hooking!   I'm adding some of my mushroom painting projects as well to show just how far my addiction has gone! 


This is one of my first projects when I started hooking in the nineties.  A favorite scripture of my husbands it was a birthday present!  I adapted the pattern from an old cross-stitch pattern that years ago had caught my attention.  It sits front and center daily in the center of our bed! 
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  KJV

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Once upon a time ..

I started hooking, but what time?  When did I begin?  I was pondering this line of thinking and was actually pretty clueless.  Clueless that is, until coming across this pattern and discovering that I had dated it May of 2001 upon completion.  Yeah!  A timeline, at last.  Twas a small fun project and worked up quickly for one who was completely captivated with this new art.  The rocking chair was my Mother's as a child.  I thought the pair was a perfect match.  I also happen to think pink & red and black & white are pairs made in heaven.  So I paired this and paired that and sewed up a cushion while eating a pear.  No, just kidding........... it was just too tempting to throw in.  :)  

Monday, September 27, 2010

hollyhocks bloomed...

and bees buzzed.  This is a piece I finished mid-spring.  Of course, the goal had been to finish it mid-spring of 2009 not 2010.  Vat can I say?  It's the start/stop thing I mentioned above.  Did I also mention I am the grandmother (better known as nonni) to 8 (four boys and four girls)?  They are pure perfection but a perfection that's not conducive to hooking (nor would I want to) when they are in the house! Laura Schultz/Prairie Primitives (a local guru of hooking) designed the piece and I love it!  Spring with a touch of leopard bloomed brightly in my favorite chair this March!