the tale of a rug-hooking journey.....

Tis a favorite past time full of starts and stops, but regardless the length of time in between, I always return to hooking. The following is just a snippet of that journey, of patterns, of tips, a favorite hooker or two and designs along the way. This is truly a journal for my perusing, but should you stumble onto me.....Welcome to the diary of a "hooker"! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Once upon a time ..

I started hooking, but what time?  When did I begin?  I was pondering this line of thinking and was actually pretty clueless.  Clueless that is, until coming across this pattern and discovering that I had dated it May of 2001 upon completion.  Yeah!  A timeline, at last.  Twas a small fun project and worked up quickly for one who was completely captivated with this new art.  The rocking chair was my Mother's as a child.  I thought the pair was a perfect match.  I also happen to think pink & red and black & white are pairs made in heaven.  So I paired this and paired that and sewed up a cushion while eating a pear.  No, just kidding........... it was just too tempting to throw in.  :)  

Monday, September 27, 2010

hollyhocks bloomed...

and bees buzzed.  This is a piece I finished mid-spring.  Of course, the goal had been to finish it mid-spring of 2009 not 2010.  Vat can I say?  It's the start/stop thing I mentioned above.  Did I also mention I am the grandmother (better known as nonni) to 8 (four boys and four girls)?  They are pure perfection but a perfection that's not conducive to hooking (nor would I want to) when they are in the house! Laura Schultz/Prairie Primitives (a local guru of hooking) designed the piece and I love it!  Spring with a touch of leopard bloomed brightly in my favorite chair this March!